[Coral-List] [CERF '09 Special Session, Date and Location] Science Supporting an Ecosystem Approach to Management: Social-Ecological Linkages (SCI-062)

Felix Martinez Felix.Martinez at noaa.gov
Fri May 1 10:25:04 EDT 2009

Dear Colleagues,

It was pointed to me (and I agree) that many in the coral world may not 
be familiar with the CERF meetings.  They are typically held in the U.S. 
and though they have mainly focus on estuarine research in the past, 
they now include the coastal ocean as well.  This year's meeting will be 
held November 1 - 5 in Portland, Oregon.  The organization's website can 
be accessed at http://www.erf.org/.

> Dear Colleagues,
> This is a reminder that deadline (Friday, May 15th) for abstract 
> submission to the 2009 meeting of the Coastal and Estuarine Research 
> Federation is fast approaching.  Below I have included the original 
> advertisement for a special session focused on the integration of 
> social and ecological science to support ecosystem approaches to 
> management.
> -----------------------------
> The NOAA Center for Sponsored Coastal Ocean Research (CSCOR) is 
> chairing a special session during the 2009 meeting of the Coastal and 
> Estuarine Research Federation focused on science that links social and 
> biophysical disciplines in order to inform ecosystem approaches to 
> management.
> *Background*
> Management agencies and organizations in the US and internationally 
> are increasingly adopting regional ecosystem approaches to coastal 
> management.  An ecosystem approach can be defined as management that 
> is adaptive, specified geographically, considers multiple stressors, 
> strives to balance diverse societal objectives, and takes into account 
> ecosystem knowledge and uncertainties.  Such an approach requires 
> ecosystem-level understanding that integrates information gleaned from 
> both biophysical and social science disciplines. Social science 
> provides two essential contributions.  First, by explaining and 
> predicting human causes, consequences, and responses to changes in 
> ecosystem services, it broadens scientific understanding of coastal 
> ecosystems.  Second, insight into human psychology and behavior 
> informs coastal decision processes that increasingly aim to combine 
> ecosystem understanding with meaningful stakeholder participation in 
> establishing management goals, developing measurable indicators, and 
> examining tradeoffs of alternative actions. 
> *Session Description*
> The purpose of this special session (SCI-062) is to provide a forum to 
> highlight and explore ecosystem-level research that integrates 
> biophysical science, especially predictive tools, with these social 
> science contributions to support coastal decision making.  We 
> encourage presentations that explore theoretical, methodological, 
> communication, and other challenges and opportunities associated with 
> conducting ecosystem science that links social and ecological 
> considerations.
> *Abstract Submission*
> Registration and abstract submittal opens 21 February 2009 at noon 
> Pacific Time and closes 15 May 2009 at midnight Pacific Time. The 
> conference website can be reached here 
> <http://www.sgmeet.com/cerf2009/> (http://www.sgmeet.com/cerf2009/).  
> If you would like to submit an abstract to this CSCOR session please 
> refer to session number SCI-062.
> ** _Please note that this call for abstracts by CSCOR for special 
> session (SCI-062) does not constitute an offer of funding.  CSCOR will 
> not accept solicitations for support  to cover travel or any other 
> costs associated with attending CERF '09._**
> /CSCOR develops and implements extramural ecosystem science research  
> programs under NOAA's National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science./

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