[Coral-List] Major new TV series on coral reefs - advice

Georg Heiss georg.heiss at reefcheck.de
Thu Nov 26 09:07:40 EST 2009

Dear David,

I think it was in 1997, the first International Year of the Reef, when 
Bob Ginsburg used this metaphor in his presentations, with a series of 
slides juxtaposing structures and functions in cities vs. their reefal 
(Robert N. Ginsburg, Professor of Marine Geology, Rosenstiel School of 
Marine and Atmospheric Science, University of Miami)

There might be earlier use of the cities/reefs analogy, as Alina mentioned.

See also a pdf of a historic NOAA website:
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). 1998 (on-line). 
Extent and Condition of US Coral Reefs" by Steven L. Miller and Michael P.
Crosby. NOAA's State of the Coast Report. Silver Spring, MD: NOAA.

There is also a book by Richard Murphy "Coral Reefs, Cities Under the Sea"
see: http://www.ewire.com/display.cfm/Wire_ID/1412

Best regards,


Dr. Georg Heiss
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David Marks wrote:
> John,
> Where did you get or see the idea of comparing coral reefs to cities

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