[Coral-List] Acropora millepora sequencing data available

Aisling Brady akbrady at ucalgary.ca
Wed Sep 16 15:50:12 EDT 2009


The Vize lab has made publicly available Solexa transcriptome  
sequencing data of 5 day old Acropora millepora larvae with  
approximately 20 million reads, separated into 5' and 3' reads of 10  
million each, around 25-50 nucleotides long. They can be accessed  
through the public ftp folder at:   http://www.xenbase.org - look on  
the left for 'Downloads' where you will see a link to the ftp site;  
select this, then public then coral. Each file is approximately 1 GB  
compressed. We are making this data available to everyone to help  
further advance scientific research on Acroporids and corals in  
general. Enjoy!

Aisling Brady

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