[Coral-List] A reflection on scientific inquiry

Ulf Erlingsson ceo at lindorm.com
Mon Dec 6 13:02:28 EST 2010

As a side track of the coral list debate on global warming as of  
late, I decided to go to the bottom with an issue that had been on my  
mind for years, relating to a previous great scientific debate,  
namely that on continental drift. So I contacted prof em Gustaf  
Arrhenius at SIO, one of the participants in the 1947 to 48 Swedish  
Deep Sea Expedition, aka the Albatross expedition from the name of  
the 4-masted ship with which they circumnavigated the globe and did a  
number of things for the first time: Took piston cores from the ocean  
floor, measured sediment thickness with seismic methods, measured the  
heat flow through the ocean floor, etc. In spite of the  
groundbreaking nature of this expedition, it is relatively unknown  
and forgotten today. More at http://blog.erlingsson.com/?p=4112

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