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Hi Sira,

Some member of coral-list were very kindness to suggest me the following 

By Professor Daphne Fautin: 

Life Between Tidemarks on Rocky Shores, published in 1972. 
It was written by T. A. and Anne Stephenson, and published by W. H. 
Freeman and Company. 

By professor Megan Deither:

Here are some of the classification systems:

CMECS (google it)

Shorezone: http://alaskafisheries.noaa.gov/habitat/shorezone/szintro.htm

The           European systems:


and the compatible Joint Nature Conservation Committee       classification 
(JNCC; http://www.jncc.gov.uk/page-1584)

And here is one published paper that links to the organisms:

Schoch, G.C. and M.N.         Dethier. 1996. Scaling up: the         statistical 
linkage between organismal abundance and         geomorphology on rocky         
intertidal shorelines.  J. exp. mar.         Biol. Ecol. 201:37-72.

By professor Lina Barrios, see attached files

If you are looking information about it, i'll be grateful if you share your 



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Hi Angelica,

have you found any information of this type? Please, forward it to me too...I'm 
starting to work on similar things.

Thanks a lot,

2010/12/15 Angélica Batista <baaatichica at yahoo.com>

Hello everyone,
>I need some help with information about rocky littoral ecosystem. There are a
>lot of literature on zonation (supra, meso and below) of rocky littoral. Some
>studies mention that the type of soil, slope and location (leeward / windward)
>have influence on the community that develops there. Although, may be I have 
>looked enough... At the time, I have done indirect approaches basing on studies
>of coastal geomorphology. I did not find any jobs that specifically classify 
>different types of rocky littoral as a function of its substrate, rock type,
>location and slope... i.e. a classification of rocky shores as an ecosystem,
>according to the geomorphology. Does exist a clasification of rocky littoral?
>Can you suggest me some papers about this theme?
>I will be very grateful. Merry Christmas to all,
>Angelica Ma. Batista-Morales
>Línea Organización y Dinámica de Ecosistemas
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