[Coral-List] Forest Rohwer's new book "Coral Reefs in the Microbial Seas"

Rebecca Vega Thurber rvegathurber at gmail.com
Fri Jun 11 13:39:10 EDT 2010

I am writing to let you know that Forest Rohwer's new book "Coral Reefs in
the Microbial Seas" is now out!

The book is written so anyone can understand the evidence linking coral reef
health and microbes. There are humorous stories at the beginning of each
chapter to convey the main points and the art work is wonderful (done in pen
and ink by a famous tattoo artist, Derek Vosten).  The science is very
current and will give you a good overview of marine microbiology,
metagenomics, and coral reef sciences.

Here's the publisher's descriptions:

    For millennia, coral reefs have flourished as not only one of the
planet's most magnificent ecosystems, but also as its most biodiverse.
However, since the 1980s the corals have been struggling. Both coral
bleaching and disease have spread globally. During recent research
expeditions to the remote Line Islands, microbial ecologist Forest Rohwer
and his colleagues found that the large-scale changes to the reefs in recent
decades are the work of the microbes as they respond to various human
impacts. Coral Reefs in the Microbial Seas is the first book to recount this
story, complete with introductions to the coral reef ecosystem, 21st century
metagenomic research tools, and the coral's microbial and viral partners. An
engaging book, its science is liberally spiced with artistic illustrations
and playful stories from the research expeditions.

 If you want to browse an excerpt, please look at coralreefsystems.org  and
click on "Our Book".


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