[Coral-List] A Plea To Stay On Topic

Nasseer Idrisi nidrisi at uvi.edu
Thu May 20 16:35:19 EDT 2010

I have to agree with Steve Mussman. How is discussion of the BP blowout 'not
on topic' with regards to coral and coral reef research and interest? It
seems (my own opinion) that this disaster may cause damaging effects
throughout the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, and other regions of the Atlantic
before all is done. Just as ocean acidification (caused by oil after its
burnt) is an important topic to coral research, crude oil (before its burnt)
and dispersant mixtures should be of concern. Coupled to higher than average
SST in the tropical Atlantic, the BP blowout may lead to an environmental
loss greater than was seen in 2005 in the Caribbean. These stressors should
be collectively discussed and debated.

On 5/20/10 3:54 PM, "Steve Mussman" <sealab at earthlink.net> wrote:

> Hi Julian,   
  Your perspective is well supported. The fact that there seems
> to be
a spontaneous increase in the number of postings related to energy
> policy,
climate change and the BP oil blowout should be viewed as a
> progressive 
development, not something worthy of constraint. I would ask how
> these 
issues could not be conceived as directly relating to coral reef
> science?
Are scientists so narrowly focused on their specific research fields
> that
they fail to see the bigger picture?  
  If the dynamics of the current
> disaster doesn¹t energize listers to
reexamine our overall energy mix along
> with the related issue of climate change,
nothing will. More and more people
> are urging scientists to take advantage of
their high standing among public
> figures to advocate for much needed change..
We certainly can not leave it to
> political figures who are highly influenced
by institutionalized special
> interests to lead the way. 
  We may not be able to instantaneously shift the
> course to our energy future,
but we have to move to change the current
> trajectory before it is too late.
Just yesterday, the National Academy of
> Sciences issued it¹s strongest warning
to date, stating that the ³U.S. should
> act now to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
and develop a national strategy to
> adapt to the inevitable impacts of climate change.²
> (http://www8.nationalacademies.org/onpinews/newsitem.aspx?RecordID=05192010)

If we don¹t act soon, coral reef scientists may leave behind only a legacy of
> missed opportunities. 

And to Glenn ³MC² Diver, this is not a ³Save the
> Reefs" statement. 
No one is preventing you from remaining free to form your
> own 
> opinions.


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