[Coral-List] Alternative if U.S. government shuts down

Ed Blume eblume2702 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 7 14:24:51 EDT 2011

Should the U.S. federal government shut down, those on Coral List might want
to join and use Coral Reef Free-for-all at
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 Here's an explanation of why the list exists.
I am most seriously suggesting that "somebody" (not me!) consider starting a
Coral Reef Curmudgeons (or Coral Reef Politics, or whatever) list using, say
Yahoo Groups. There you can call each other dirty rotten scoundrels, you can
post all kids of illustrative or condemning pictures, you can say whichever
U.S. or state government agency is doing a rotten job because so-and-so let
his ego get in the way (or whatever), you can say Dr. Blackshark falsified
his results, you can say global warming is a big liberal tree-hugging hoax
manufactured to keep scientists employed, you can post sarcasm intended to
embarrass or provoke, or that all Dr. Blackshark's research money is going
to buy junkets to Bali in the name of some dubious research pretext. Such a
list might be refreshing, humorous, illuminating and actually useful in
letting off steam. New friendships and enemies will be made, people may get
embarrassed or feel vindicated, and havoc may result, but some of the truths
may enlighten us all. It would be a true, free-wheelin' list to say what you
thinkwithout government censorship. It's just an idea to consider. -- Jim
Hendee, who has no connection with this listserve other than suggesting its

A blog Coral Politics also complements the list serve (
Coral Politics provides a forum and encourages candid discussion of the
politics (Yes! The politics! How and why human failings are killing coral
reefs!) of coral reef ecosystem research, conservation, and education --
issues that are in vital need of being aired among marine and coral
researchers. Comments and posts on the politics of the following topics are

- Long term change in coral reefs
- Interesting observations
- Reviews of coral reef books, papers, and articles
- Climate change and the potential (or lack of it) to adapt
- Land-based sources of pollution and their effects
- Over-fishing and over-exploitation of living and dead coral reef resources
- Inter-governmental research and conservation efforts, their successes and
- Socioeconomics
- Outreach and educational programs
- Ecological interactions
- Coral bleaching incidences and research
- Outbreaks of diseases and pests affecting coral reef organisms
- Environmental monitoring sites and methods
- Reproduction by coral reef organisms
- Shipwrecks on coral reefs and their effects
- Links to new and old coral reef-related publications and reports
- New and historical data availability
- Coral reef ecosystem modeling topics
- Coral reef restoration
- Egregious examples of human greed, stupidity, and corruption killing
corals and reef organisms
- The systematic failure of policymakers and funding agencies to deal with
all of the above, and their bogus claims to be doing so
- What should be done?

*Let this blog be a true free-wheeling site* where you can say what you
really think. You may name, blame, and shame whatever institution or
national or state government agency you believe to be doing a rotten job for
whatever reason (but please be factual and reasoned, not inflammatory and
libelous, humorous rather than vicious). You can use the site for direct or
indirect lobbying or posting of links to Web pages that engage in such

However, you may not:
- Engage in prohibited discriminatory conduct (racism, sexism, religious
bigotry, nationalistic chauvinism, and homophobia, to name a few).
- Post, obtain, or view human sexually explicit material (dividing bacteria
or zooxanthellae, invertebrate spawning, and horny fish aggregations are
acceptable, but please, strictly marine!).
- Use profane language.

NOTE: The purpose of this site is free discussion of all coral reef issues
(subject to the constraints listed above) without the censorship and
self-serving propaganda currently practiced by existing coral reef sites run
by government agencies and BINGOs (Big International NGOs), which often
focus on fake claims of credit for "discovering" phenomena that are long
known to all old divers. We are especially interested in the points of view
of people from developing coral reef countries and communities who are
seriously under-represented in existing forums. Our aim is to represent
corals and those who love coral reefs, not official propaganda by those who
are killing them while claiming to be their saviors. We DO NOT want job
listings, announcements of courses and funding, propaganda by funding
agencies and policy makers, requests for elementary information on coral
reefs, climate change denial, or claims that coral reefs are "resilient"

Ed Blume
Diver, reef enthusiast
Madison, WI

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