[Coral-List] $100,000 prize for solutions to ocean issues

George Sedberry george.sedberry at noaa.gov
Mon Apr 11 16:05:13 EDT 2011



National - Savannah Ocean Exchange Gulf Stream Award; Prescreening
Application Due Date Extended to May 31

Savannah Ocean Exchange, founded in 2010, unites international organizations
across multiple disciplines and boundaries to distribute and adopt solutions
that positively impact oceans and ocean life. The Board of Governors
includes 27 leaders from around the world, who represent diverse backgrounds
and expertise and share a commitment to innovation and to the protection of
our ocean. The theme for the 2011 Savannah Ocean Exchange is "Shaping the
Future of Our Coasts" and looks to share the best worldwide solutions that
will drive sustainable change; improve ecological, economic, and worldwide
connectivity; while respecting the unique cultures and sense of place of our
coastal communities. 

To celebrate "Creators of Solutions Inspiring Action", a $100,000 Gulfstream
Navigator Award will be given to the Solution Creator whose work
demonstrates the greatest potential for "Shaping the Future of Our Coasts",
and represents excellence and fulfills the purpose through the solution's
feasibility and ease of implementation. The due date for prescreening
applications has been extended to May 31, 2011. The award will be given at a
Solutions Exchange event, September 7-8, in Savannah, GA. For more
information about the Exchange, the award and other details, please visit
www.savannahoceanexchange.org <http://www.savannahoceanexchange.org/> . 



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