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Lew Gramer lew.gramer at noaa.gov
Fri Jan 28 07:29:22 EST 2011

The 'coral-list' is a forum for discussion of coral reef ecosystem research,
conservation, and education, as stated on our information page:

On that same page are listed a range of topics which would be considered
appropriate for this list. In addition it is noted there that, "Occasional
digressions will be permitted, if for no other reason than to make reading
informative and occasionally humorous. Please just remember to bring it on
home to the topics above as the the choppy seas abate."

Discussion of research on invasive species and attempts to eradicate them or
mitigate their impact on coral reef ecosystems are of course welcome to our
forum. However, in the interests of the more than 7000 individuals following
our list via email or our Web archive, please consider your posts carefully -
both in terms of on-topic content, and appropriateness for a public forum.

A significant number of messages on the topic of lion fish in the Caribbean
have been posted in the past few days: we will gradually approve all
appropriate posts which are still outstanding. However, please do not be
surprised if posts on this subject are delayed from appearing on 'coral-list':
we have the interests of all our subscribers to consider, and must read each
post carefully before approving them.

Thanks to all, and please direct questions or concerns to our admin address:

    coral-list-owner at coral.aoml.noaa.gov

Lew Gramer
Member of the 'coral-list' admin team

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