[Coral-List] Can Blue Sea Stars Eat Giant Clams?

John Ware jware at erols.com
Tue May 10 15:18:45 EDT 2011

As an interesting, and probably not true, anecdote:

About 45 years ago or so I was very interested in salt water aquaria. 
 At that time, no one could figure out how to keep Linckia alive.  As I 
recall it, an article appeared in one of the prominent publications of 
the time, that a frustrated aquarist, in total disgust, threw his peanut 
butter sandwich into his aquarium.

Of course, Linckia immediately jumped on it and consumed the peanut butter.

Well, it's a good story anyway.


Gordon Hendler wrote:

>Regarding Lucy's question about Blue Sea Stars:
>Even fairly small "giant clams" are not likely the prey of Blue Sea
>Stars. Linckia laevigata has been reported to feed on coralline alga,
>rarely on corals, and (possibly) on coral mucus. However, reliable
>observations indicate that it actually subsists on microscopic organisms
>and detritus associated with the biofilms coating hard substrates. One
>relevant study is readily available on the Web at
>Gordon Hendler, Ph.D.
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>Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
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>Dear Esteemed Coral Listers,
>I am editing and educational science documentary about an MPA in
>and need to make sure I am including the correct information from my
>interview. Do any echinoderm or molluscan specialists know if the blue
>star Linckia leavigata can eat small giant clams (Tridacna mazima or T.
>Thanks for your help, Lucy Marcus
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