[Coral-List] Marine Ecosystem Services Partnership

Linwood Pendleton linwood.pendleton at duke.edu
Wed Nov 9 13:32:04 EST 2011

Folks.  Now that the Hawaii study has your attention, you may wish to start to plumb the wealth of studies on marine ecosystem services that exists.  Please visit our beta site http://www.marineecosystemservices.org/ to view (using a mapper like that developed for OBIS SEAMAP) basic information about marine ecosystem service valuations conducted across the globe.  These studies are compiled from a variety of extant and extinct databases from around the world.

Also, consider joining the Marine Ecosystem Services Partnership community of practice at www.ecosystemcommons.org<http://www.ecosystemcommons.org> - a great place to open this important discussion to those interested in marine ecosystem services writ large.

Best wishes,

p.s.  I also was not part of the team working on the Hawaii study.  So, my ability to answer questions about this study is limited.

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