[Coral-List] Majuro airport dredging

Dean Jacobson atolldino at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 26 03:36:37 EDT 2011

Three items: Some have had difficulty navigating to my Flickr photostream (searching 'atolldino' doesnt seem to work), and, I added more images, 23 total... my best is at:


30 viewings so far!

Finally, my presentation at the Majuro public hearing Tuesday night, attended by some important people (including US embassy personnel) went very well, and was met with applause!  Perhaps the tide has turned on destructive dredging on Majuro.  FAA's RSA runway extension ("safety area") project will, according to the contractor, require 14,000 + dump truck loads of fill!  Wow!  That will do a number on our road (not to mention the shoreline from which it is dredged, but hopefully FAA will not allow this, as they disallowed the reef mining at the west end of the runway!)

Dean Jacobson

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