[Coral-List] Fish ID

Mark Tupper mtupper at coastal-resources.org
Thu Apr 26 13:01:22 EDT 2012

   Hi Alice,

   Ignore my last email. I just took a look at some of my old pictures of
   juvenile African pompano. This fish is not the same. Afrian pompano have a
   diamond-shaped body whereas this is more elongate, and there is a black bar
   through the eye which the African pompano does not have. I think Todd and
   Les are correct - it is probably Zu cristatus. I've never seen a juvenile
   before, but here is a photo identified as Zu cristatus that looks very
   similar to your fish:

   Les is right, fascinating fish and great photos. I think the hypothesis that
   the filaments mimic stinging jellyfish fits this little guy even better than
   the juvenile African pompano.


   On Thu Apr 26 9:55 , Alice Grainger sent:
     Dear All,
     This fish was recently spotted off Nusa Penida by the Aquatic Alliance
     So far no one has been able to ID it, though many suspect it is a juvenile
     of some description.
     Any help in identifying this remarkable fish would be gratefully received.
     Many thanks!
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