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Eugene Shinn eshinn at marine.usf.edu
Wed Dec 19 14:31:05 EST 2012

Jon Skrapits, asks a number of the same questions I have asked many, 
many, times. Why is that research has not be done to find the 
answers? Surely NOAA wants the answers and would willingly fund that 
needed research. Not!  They control the research through their 
requests for proposals and the granting of research permits. Those 
requests for proposals seem to be invariably for research that will 
produce results needed to justify larger sanctuaries, listing corals, 
and growth of the Agency. I wish I was wrong but I and others have 
watched the process since NOAA was born. I must Must admit I have 
received NOAA funding in the past and had a good relations as long as 
my team was doing research that did not conflict with their aims. We 
did a lot of interesting basic research centered mainly around 
coring, mapping and coral growth rates. Of course none of us knew 
then that coring would reveal that the reefs had died and come back 
in the past. such research would not be allowed if the intent was to 
say that reefs had died in the past. Afrian dust work was not 
accepted because it can not be controlled. So there it is. Its all 
very simple. I am still waiting for the study to determine effects of 
mosquito spraying on corals, conchs and marine life. Gene

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