[Coral-List] coral mining: more PII construction

Dean Jacobson atolldino at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 5 16:33:31 EST 2012

Ron and listers,

This weekend I documented continued construction by PII at the reservoir reef site (photos available on Flickr,
http://www.flickr.com/photos/32702872@N03/6825529717/  ) with some of the new revetment rock crushing the most shallow coral.  My photographs document the nearly 100% coral cover at this shallow fringing reef that will soon be needlessly destroyed.  Come on guys, how can this happen with US money?  Perhaps it is brinksmanship between agencies, but it now or never!   Please, in any way you can, please lobby our US agencies (EPA, NOAA, FAA, State Dept) to prevent one of the most coral-rich segments of Majuro lagoon from being mined.  I have no power on this atoll, other than to document the destruction.  Ron Simpson from FAA has encouraged me  (me!) to resolve this issue with local authorities.  That is not going to happen, here coral mining = $.  To sit on one's hands and allow this disgrace is.... disgraceful.

The bottom line is that we have a lagoon full of sediment, an unlimited source of fill, once the mining infrastructure is adjusted appropriately.  PII cannot continue to mine the shoreline indefinitely, this is as good a time as any to switch over to barge mining.

again, many thanks for your support!

Dean Jacobson

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