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Letter of Invitation for Expressions of Interest:
Caribbean Coastal Communities Small Grants Program
Issue Date: March 1, 2012
I.       Introduction
Counterpart International, the University of Miami and the Punta Cana Ecological Foundation (PCEF), through funding from The Inter-American Development Bank and the Frohring Foundation, are soliciting expressions of interest (EOI) for small grants for the purpose of promoting the conservation and restoration of coastal resources and sustainable natural resource management in the Caribbean Region.

Healthy wetlands, coastal and marine ecosystems are at the heart of food security and economic prosperity for coastal communities. Mangroves, coral reefs, estuaries, sea grass beds and other systems on or near the shoreline serve critical ecological functions that are important to human society. Such functions include fisheries, storm protection, flood mitigation, erosion control, water storage, groundwater recharge, and pollution abatement.  In addition to providing food security and livelihoods, coastal ecosystems serve as the focal point for economic growth - accounting for the majority of humanity's infrastructure, transportation and trade, energy processing, tourism, and recreation.  Changes to these systems are devastating livelihoods and food supplies across the Caribbean.   Given the importance of marine and coastal ecosystems to poverty alleviation, and the health and safety of coastal communities, effective management of these resources becomes of central importance.

This funding mechanism is intended to identify successful models and promote the South-South transfer of knowledge and experience gained in the arena of restoration, conservation, and livelihoods of coastal communities.  This is a competitive process for which to identify and scale-up successful models of ecosystem restoration and fisheries replenishment spanning coastal and marine ecosystems. The grants will assist local actors to engage government, community and private sector in a holistic and integrated model; promote research, data collection and distribution of lessons learned to relevant actors; and scale-up localized efforts. The small grants are co-financed by the Inter-American Development Bank, ensuring coordination, replication and information sharing across the Caribbean.

II.      Expression of Interest - Caribbean Coastal Communities Small Grants

Expressions of interest should be for a period of 18-months and a maximum budget of $30,000 per project. Grants must be applied toward projects relating to the protection or improvement of coastal habitats and/or coastal livelihoods within the Caribbean Region. Illustrative activities may include but are not be limited to:

*          Coral Reef Restoration (especially projects including the genus Acropora)
*          Artisanal fishery management & fish aggregation devices
*          Seagrass/mangrove restoration
*          Sustainable harvesting from coastal habitats

Applicants will be required to contribute matching funds and in-kind resources at a minimum of a 1:1 ratio of requested project funds Competitive grants will comprise consortia representing at minimum one community-based organization and one university or research institution. Inclusion of private sector partners is encouraged. Each member of the coalition must demonstrate expertise and experience relevant to the activities proposed. All proposals must include a clear statement as to how specifically the proposed activities will significantly enhance the conservation and restoration of coastal habitats by utilizing science-based information to promote long-term sustainability of these ecosystems.

III. Selection Criteria and Selection Process
Interested organizations and consortia are invited to submit expressions of interest for inclusion in this grant program. A committee of experts will review the EOIs and select those to be asked to complete a full grant application. To be selected, organizations must meet all of the below eligibility criteria:

Eligibility Criteria

 *   Valid registration - the organization must be registered for at least 3 years in a country within or bordering the Caribbean Sea or Gulf of Mexico at the time of EOI submission.
 *   Past performance successfully implementing grant programs.

EOI Selection Preferences

During selection, preference will be given to organizations with a proven track record of:

 *   Successfully partnering with multiple community stakeholders across different sectors
 *   Leveraging resources to achieve scale
 *   Enhancing local capacity
 *   Clear deliverables such as case studies, manuals or tools that can be replicated

 *   Employing innovative approaches to improving coastal ecosystems

Full Proposal Selection Preference
Proposals will be evaluated based on criteria relevant to research and conservation. This will include, but are not limited to:

 *   Rationale- how well the EOI addresses the project goals and objectives;
 *   Merit- how well the project advances the coastal habitat conservation or restoration;
 *   Feasibility- ability of the project to be successfully completed within time and/or other constraints;
 *   Qualifications- demonstrated ability of the Project Leader and/or team to integrate and complete the project successfully; and
 *   Budget- is the proposed budget reasonable and adequate to complete the proposed project and matching funds are well-documented.

IV.   Preparation and Submission of Applications
Expressions of interest should be no longer than 5 pages (including all proposal materials but excluding CVs) and should include the following:

The EOI should include the following:

1.       Name of lead implementer and collaborators

2.       Affiliation and contact information for all implementers

 1.  A brief description of the proposed scope of activity
 2.  A brief statement of facilities and capabilities of the partners
 3.  A budget and brief budget justification
 4.  Identification of sources of matching funds
 5.  2-page CVs for all key staff

The deadline for applications is April 15, 2012.  Late applications will not be accepted. The expression of interest needs to be submitted as a single PDF file via email to: coastalgrants at counterpart.org<mailto:coastalgrants at counterpart.org> . Please include the words "Caribbean Coastal Communities Small Grants Program" in the subject line of the email. All applicants will be emailed a confirmation receipt.  The lead implementers whose EOIs are selected will be asked to develop full proposals in collaboration with the funding entities within 6 weeks of announcement. All questions should be directed to Abram Henry at Ahenry at counterpart.org<mailto:Ahenry at counterpart.org> .

Issuance of this solicitation does not constitute an award commitment on the part of Counterpart International, the University of Miami and the Punta Cana Ecological Foundation or the Inter-American Development Bank or the Frohring Foundation. All parties reserve the right to reject any or all applications received. Applicants should recognize that the following information will be made public once the grants have been awarded: name and address of organization and the amount of sub-grant received.

From: Christine Hicks
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Subject: Listserve submission: Caribbean Coastal Community Grants EOI

Subject: Caribbean Coastal Communities Small Grants Program
Dear Coral Listers,
Counterpart International, the University of Miami, and the Punta Cana Ecological Foundation, are working in partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank to roll out a Caribbean Coastal Communities Small Grants program. As described in the attached Request for Expression of Interest (EOI), these grants are intended to support NGOs, community groups, and businesses working at the nexus of ecosystems, communities and economies through the sustainable management of coastal resources and livelihoods development in the Caribbean Region.
Our goal is to put in place the framework for a cross-regional transfer of knowledge and experience gained in the arena of conservation, restoration, fisheries replenishment and the implications on livelihoods and the sustainable development of coastal communities.  This is a competitive process for which to identify and scale-up successful models in the Caribbean region.
Grant Awardees will benefit through:

*         Connecting field practitioners with scientists spanning multiple fields;

*         Increased capacity for long-term stewardship of resources in a changing environment;

*         Access to training manuals;

*         Access to science for decision making;

*         Applying research findings to real life development challenges; and

*         Increased understanding for successful models linking restoration and livelihoods enhancement

We are currently reaching out to our partners for assistance in (1) circulating the attached EOI to qualified applicants, (2) identifying areas of collaboration and synergy within similar programs to reach greater impact, and (3) seeking out co-sponsorship in the form of innovative marketing, media, and outreach support.  We intend to leverage this initiative to better educate and inform an array of audiences of the importance of coastal and marine ecosystems, and actively promote successful models that address mutual interests and mutual benefits to sustainable resource management. Your networks, brands and consumers are all integral stakeholders in shaping the future of our oceans.
We appreciate your support, creative ideas, and potential collaboration coming out of these efforts. If you have any questions or would like more details, please contact Christine Hicks at Chicks at counterpart.org<mailto:Chicks at counterpart.org>
Thank you for your time.
Christine Hicks
Senior Technical Advisor
Counterpart International

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