[Coral-List] How Crowdfunding is Impacting Coral Reef Projects

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Hello Coral-List!

This is just an FYI that #SciFund, the largest Science Crowdfunding
project on the internet, has launched its second round at
http://scifund.rockethub.com.  The goal behind #SciFund is to give
scientists an incentive to get out there and begin to couple outreach
to the earliest stages of their research programs.  Participants
create videos about their research, and encourage them to create
rewards for donations that involve the general public with their work
on into the future.

I wanted to share this with all of you coral reef enthusiasts and
scholars because I found this to be an interesting new way for student
and professional scientist to engage the public, get the word out on
their fantastic research, and even fund parts of their project. (And
one of the projects is mine).

This time around there are some wonderful coral related project videos
that may pique your interest, enjoy!:

Brittney Honisch Masters Candidate
Title: Muddy waters: coral health after storm events
link: http://rkthb.co/7549

Simon Donner
Title: Coping with Stress: Coral Reefs in Kiribati

Sara Aubery Masters Candidate
Title: Are Coral Reefs Picky Eaters
link: http://www.rockethub.com/projects/7369-are-coral-reefs-picky-eaters

Lindsay Aylesworth
Title: Sustainable Seahorse Fisheries

Jennifer O'Leary
Title: Where Have All the Coral Reef Fish Gone

Claudia Makeyev*
Title: How to Use Education to Protect a Coral Reef

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