[Coral-List] Job opening: Marine Genetics/Genomics Technician, Hopkins Marine Station, Pacific Grove, California

Cheryl Butner cbutner at stanford.edu
Tue May 8 13:40:02 EDT 2012

Marine Genetics/Genomics Technician position: Steve Palumbi's lab at  
Stanford's marine lab in Pacific Grove, California is looking for a  
technician to collect data on DNA sequence variation of a wide range  
of different marine organisms from different habitats. The position is  
available starting June 1, and applications will be screened starting  
immediately. See the full description below for details.

Research technician at Stanford University's Hopkins Marine Station,  
in Pacific Grove, CA.  Under the direction of the Principal  
Investigator the technician will assist with research related to  
genetic characterization of populations of marine vertebrates and  
invertebrates in the context of ongoing research into marine  
conservation and management.  Duties include:
• Collecting larvae and adult specimens of marine species.  This may  
involve some travel within California and into Oregon and possibly  
• Extracting DNA and documenting genetic variation.  This will include  
processing samples in the lab for DNA extraction and sequencing as  
well as entering, managing, and analyzing the resulting data.  This  
will require the use (or development) of many research skills using a  
variety of molecular genetic tools.  These include, but are not  
limited to DNA extraction, PCR, gel electrophoresis, and next  
generation DNA sequencing.
• Field monitoring of multiple sites in central California.
• Animal care including aquarium maintenance and routine care and  
feeding of marine species (primarily invertebrates).
• Laboratory maintenance including maintaining the lab and taking  
responsibility for ordering some of the general supplies.
There is potential for extension of the technician position to other  
research projects as well as the possibility of co-authorship of at  
least one resulting publication.
QUALIFICATIONS: The successful applicant will be highly organized,  
have attention to detail, be able to work as an independent part of a  
team, have a basic understanding of and facility with standard  
computer software programs, and have practical experience with a  
variety of standard molecular tools (for example, DNA extraction, PCR,  
gel electrophoresis, DNA sequencing, etc). In addition to these basic  
requirements, we desire an applicant with an interest in marine  
ecosystems and their ecological functioning.
Apply online at:

Thank you for your interest!

Cheryl Butner
Research Assistant - Palumbi and Micheli Labs
Hopkins Marine Station, Stanford University
Pacific Grove, CA, 93950 USA
cbutner at stanford.edu

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