[Coral-List] [SCUTTLEBUTT:9175] what is this?

Ellen Prager pragere at earthlink.net
Tue Oct 2 09:52:51 EDT 2012


Looks like an amphipod in a salp.  Sometimes the females will eat the  
inside out and use it as a lair to lay their eggs...gross, but very  


Dr. Ellen Prager
Earth2Ocean, Inc
Author 2011 book, Sex, Drugs, and Sea Slime: The Ocean's Oddest  
Creatures and Why They Matter

On Sep 28, 2012, at 8:47 PM, Susan Hieter wrote:

> Does anyone know what this is? My student found this on a night dive  
> in Palau and it is about 2cm small.
> Susan Hieter
> <image_1348879083916183.jpg>

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