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John Burt john.burt at nyu.edu
Fri Oct 12 03:10:45 EDT 2012

New York University has recently established a campus in Abu Dhabi as part
of the NYU global network. NYUAD is rapidly expanding its research
programs, and is seeking application for both tenure/tenure track faculty
and non-tenure track faculty in biology.

New York University Abu Dhabi is located on the shores of the Arabian Gulf,
a water body characterized by extreme environmental conditions (SST range:
>20 C, maximum SST >35 C annually). This setting offers a natural
laboratory for the study of the biology of coral reef fauna in extremes. To
complement strong, existing programs developed by NYU Abu Dhabi faculty and
faculty from NYU in New York, NYUAD are encouraging applications from
candidates with research interests in ecological/environmental genomics and
population biology.

For tenure/tenure track positions we are seeking individuals with a history
of outstanding accomplishments in research and scholarship, with commitment
to teaching and guiding undergraduate research projects as well as advising
graduate students.  Non-tenure track professor of practice positions place
a strong emphasis on excellence in undergraduate education. We
seek outstanding teachers in the life sciences who specialize in ecology
and environmental science or population biology who also have research
accomplishments and experience in guiding undergraduate research projects.

Full details on these positions and the application materials are
available here
<http://nyuad.nyu.edu/about/careers/faculty-positions.html>or at the
following URL. No email queries or phone calls, please.

Application deadline: Oct. 31, 2012.

John Burt

New York University - Abu Dhabi
PO Box 129 188
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Ph: + 971-50-221-9269
Email: John.Burt at nyu.edu

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