[Coral-List] Mussman

Bill Raymond billraymond10 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 31 09:55:27 EDT 2012

You call anyone who disagrees with you a pseudo-scientist? Anthropogenic Global Warming is pseudo-science. It has not been proven, yet you ridicule anyone who dares to challenge it. When someone disagrees with AGW, you throw in their face all the arguments for climate change. Climate change is not the issue; greenhouse gases being the cause is. You know the climate has changed many times before. Yet you continue to ignore the obvious cause: the sun. Pseudo-science is articles such as comparing the sun-spot cycle to past ones and concluding greenhouse gases must be the cause, with no supporting evidence other than computer models, which will show whatever you want them to. The IPCC, in considering the evidence, concludes the solar imput since 1750 has not changed significantly to explain the present climate change, but greenhouse gases have risen, ergo that must be the cause. During that same period, the third lobe of the Little Ice Age proceeded, ca.
 1775, and sea level DROPPED until the nineteenth century started, glaciers readvanced globally, and the only explanation is the sun. We may not fully understand the sun, but to rule it out as the cause of the present climate change is real pseudo-science.

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