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Coralreef-freeforall began Jim Hendee posted on coralreef:

I am most seriously suggesting that "somebody" (not me!) consider starting
a Coral Reef Curmudgeons (or Coral Reef Politics, or whatever) list using,
say Yahoo Groups. There you can call each other dirty rotten scoundrels,
you can post all kinds of illustrative or condemning pictures, you can say
whichever U.S. or state government agency is doing a rotten job because
so-and-so let his ego get in the way (or whatever), you can say Dr.
Blackshark falsified his results, you can say global warming is a big
liberal tree-hugging hoax manufactured to keep scientists employed, you can
post sarcasm intended to embarrass or provoke, or that all Dr. Blackshark's
research money is going to buy junkets to Bali in the name of some dubious
research pretext. Such a list might be refreshing, humorous, illuminating
and actually useful in letting off steam. New friendships and enemies will
be made, people may get embarrassed or feel vindicated, and havoc may
result, but some of the truths may enlighten us all. It would be a true,
free-wheelin' list to say what you thinkwithout government censorship. It's
just an idea to consider. -- Jim Hendee, who has no connection with this
listserve other than suggesting its creation.

ollowing Jim's suggestion, I helped some coral reef researchers found the
no-holds-barred the listserve coralreef-freeforall.

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