[Coral-List] Lion fish question

Steve Mussman sealab at earthlink.net
Fri Apr 19 09:37:19 EDT 2013

   Thanks to all who replied to the lion fish question both on and off list.
   The information provided proved to be interesting and thought provoking. I
   never  doubted the fact that this invasive species is problematic, but
   concerns remain relating to several key points.

   As one respondent put it, could we be guilty of attributing causation (of
   a broader problem) to a temporal correlation? Is the proliferation of this
   invasion being enhanced and exacerbated by preconditions that we prefer to
   treat with comparative indifference? Why is it that we are reacting so
   aggressively to this scourge on our reefs while continuing to ignore what
   the ICRS has identified as undeniably a greater threat?  Are the reactions
   that are unfolding in any way solutional?

   These are the questions that continue to reverberate with me.



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