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Now that the registration & abstract submission for the 2014 Ocean 
Sciences Meeting in Honolulu are open
(http://www.sgmeet.com/osm2014/default.asp), we'd like to make you aware 
of a session on the Coral Triangle
The deadline for submitting abstracts is 4 Oct 2013 - hope to see many 
of you there!
The Coral Triangle of the Indonesian/Philippines Archipelago, its 
response to Climate change*

The Coral Triangle of the Indonesian/Philippines Archipelago encompasses 
nearly six million km2 of ocean waters. It is characterized by a complex 
array of passages and marginal seas, at the confluence of tropical 
waters from the North and South Pacific and within the pathways of the 
inter-ocean exchange between the Pacific and Indian Oceans. The Coral 
Triangle is the global center of marine biodiversity, and a region of 
significant socio-economic activity supporting the livelihoods of over 
120 million people. Climate change is already impacting the Coral 
Triangle, and because of its complex oceanographic environment, the 
vulnerability of the marine ecosystems to climate change is likely to 
exhibit significant spatial variability. Preserving biodiversity in the 
Coral Triangle has become a top priority of communities, governments and 
conservation NGOs. In this session, we invite papers that discuss the 
physics, biology and socio-economic environments of the Coral Triangle. 
We are particularly interested in work linking physical and biological 
responses to climate change and papers dealing with spatial variability 
within the region. Both modeling and observational papers are encouraged.


Fred  Castruccio, National Center for Atmospheric Research fredc at ucar.edu
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Joanie Kleypas, National Center for Atmospheric Research kleypas at ucar.edu

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