[Coral-List] Reef Habitat Monitoring

Steve LeGore slegore at mindspring.com
Fri Dec 13 12:43:45 EST 2013

   Hello All,

   I would like to posit a notion concerning monitoring of coral reef habitats,
   if you all will tolerate this exercise.  For conjecture, if limitations in
   technology or financial resources were miraculously not at issue, what water
   quality  and  physical  environment  parameters  would  we like to see
   continuously  monitored  in these habitats.  Example potential uses of
   monitoring might be to create early warning opportunities for prioritizing
   reef areas requiring intervention [leaving aside the issue that most do, as
   we all appreciate], for identifying areas where reef creation/rebuilding
   might be most feasible, and similar or related issues.

   Obvious parameters include pH, salinity, water temperature, P & N nutrients,
   suspended  solids,  water  depths  and  tidal ranges, hydrographic and
   wind-driven currents.  Are there others that our coral reef experts consider
   important, such as, perhaps, specific calcium ions or compounds, heavy
   metals, chlorophyll (as a potential measure of algal overgrowth?).  What
   would the ideal monitoring program consist of if 24/7 monitoring devices
   were available?

   I am wondering what the parameter list would look like if this were the
   subject of an X-Prize.  Is anyone interested enough to participate in such a

   Steve LeGore

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