[Coral-List] Review on Coral Reef Bleaching, 292 pp.

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Dear Coral Listers,

At end, my « Review on Coral Reef Bleaching », 1998, 292 pp., have been published by Edilivre, Saint-Denis, France. It has been accepted in 1998 by Atoll Research Bulletin but never printed.

This Review is still very valuable. It makes a complete overview of the phenomenon. It examines all data of in situ observations and possible causes, and all relevant bio-physiological experimental and theoretical knowledge. At end a CO2 hypothesis is made. Five original works are given in annexes. A note is added to all bibliographic references to resume information.

The html is available at martin-pecheux.fr, or www.reefbase.org since long. The book can be purchased at www.amazon.fr, sadly in French. It was not possible to put it on www.amazon.com. If you have too much trouble with the French, email me.

Happy Solstice, Christmas, New Year and Perihelion (Earth closest to the Sun the 4 January 2014 at 11h 58m 33s Universal Time) !!

Dr Martin Pecheux
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