[Coral-List] PBS Digital UnderH2O Ep 7: The Microscopic World of Corals

Craig Musburger craig at musburger.com
Tue Jul 16 16:01:42 EDT 2013

Hi coral-listers,

We just released episode 7 of our PBS Digital Studios series. Watch it 
here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSCUKSVBhSo

No danger of decompression sickness on this one... the depths where 
these images were taken is measured in milimeters! We journey under a 
laser scanning confocal microscope with scientists of the Hawaii 
Institute of Marine Biology and see corals (and a few other critters) in 
an amazing new light. The microscope these scientists are using allows 
them to create stunning images of corals going about their business 
alive and unharmed. One part art, one part science, the images are sure 
to amaze you.

Please subscribe to our series and help spread the word!

*Craig Musburger, Ph.D.*
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