[Coral-List] Seminar Today at Noon: Watershed & Climate Change Impacts to High Island Fringing Reefs

Tracy Gill - NOAA Federal tracy.gill at noaa.gov
Tue Jun 11 08:09:43 EDT 2013

Please forward this seminar reminder to folks who might be interested;

*Watershed and Climate Change Impacts to High Island Fringing

Where & When: NOAA HQ
8150, 12-1 EDT
Speaker: Curt D. Storlazzi, Chief of the USGS Pacific Coral Reef Project, USGS
Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center

Abstract: Anthropogenic modifications to high islands include the
introduction of feral ungulates, fires, poor agricultural customs, and
other land-use practices that often remove or alter natural land cover.
These modifications, in turn, increase the availability of terrestrial
sediment for erosion by natural processes and delivery to the coast. This
increased loading of terrestrial sediment to the coastal zone can
negatively impact coral reef ecosystems by reducing light availability for
photosynthesis, smother new recruits and bury existing colonies, and is
often the vector for the introduction of nutrients and contaminants to
coastal waters. In this talk, I will describe how the USGS's Coastal and
Marine Geology Program is trying to provide a better understanding of the
delivery to, residence time in, and advection of terrestrial sediment and
associated nutrients and contaminants out of fringing coral reefs. I will
also provide insight into how those processes may change under predicted
future climate change through empirical observations and numerical modeling.

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