[Coral-List] PBS Digital UnderH2O Ep 5: Blackwater Drift

Anya Salih A.Salih at uws.edu.au
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Hi Craig,

Excellent footage and congratulations on accomplishing such difficult shots! 
I think the film really highlights the beauty and mystery of ctenophores, not just to the public but to many of us, marine biologists. We still know relatively very little about these cnidarians.

Best regards

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Hi coral-listers,

The 5th episode of our PBS Digital Studios series is now live at

In this episode we look at a few of the amazing creatures that are
adrift in the open ocean in the black of night. Scientists have given
names to some of these animals like pyrosomes and ctenophores. Laypeople
would probably prefer to call them jelly monsters from outer space.
Everyone agrees they are beautiful.

Again, we encourage you to share the videos from this series with your
students and colleagues. It is free to subscribe to our Youtube channel
and we appreciate your help getting the word out so we can continue
making these videos for PBS. Thanks for your continued support!

*Craig Musburger, Ph.D.*
HD Under H2O <http://www.hdunderh2o.com>
craig at musburger.com <mailto:craig at musburger.com>
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