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   Dear Ed,

   Probably  the  best example right now is the National Ocean Policy, an
   executive   order   that  is being  characterized by special  interest
   groups as yet another example of over-regulation by the federal government.
   Interestingly enough virtually every ocean conservation organization in the
   U.S.  supports  the initiative and it has been endorsed by many marine
   scientists  including  a  number  of subscribers to this list. DEMA is
   unfortunately aligned with the opposition who are led by the National Ocean
   Policy Coalition. I've already posted a link to this coalition's membership,
   but  here  it is again. [1]http://oceanpolicy.com/members/  If you are
   interested in hearing the executive director of the coalition explain the
   rationale for     opposing     the    NOP,    you    can    find    it
   here: [2]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22LmYostJJ4  The
   coalition involves many interests who should be heard and they have every
   right to exert their political power in opposition if they somehow feel
   threatened. The question is why does DEMA feel that it has more in common
   with this coalition than with the multitude of ocean conservation groups
   backing the policy's full implementation? As for why divers have not been
   more involved is a good question, but most don't keep up with these things
   and DEMA likely prefers it that way. Unfortunately this issue is like so
   many others in that it reflects the political polarization that exists in
   Washington today. The fact that President Obama issued an executive order
   and that federal regulation is involved is enough to create instant partisan
   opposition. I found this list of the Obama administration's nine priority
   objectives for the National Ocean Policy on the website of the initiative's

   Maybe  you  can  tell  me  why the  diving  industry would oppose it's
   enactment. As one of the more respected members of this list is quoted as
   saying "The  whole concept of national ocean policy is to maximize the
   benefit and minimize the damage. What's not to love?"



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   Is a policy or bill pending that DEMA opposes or should support? Rather
   than try to make broad changes in DEMA policy statements or general
   behavior, could divers be mobilized to influence passage or defeat of a
   particular piece of policy? If divers can show that they have policy
   power, DEMA may pay more attention to them.
   Ed Blume
   Energy Consulting Network
   On Sat, Nov 23, 2013 at 10:33 AM, Steve Mussman wrote:
   > Dear Gene,
   > This thread which your remarks helped to prolong is not so much an
   > indictment of DEMA as it is a call
   > for the organization that speaks for the diving industry to re-evaluate
   > it's
   > platform and approach to the broad
   > array of issues affecting coral reefs and other marine ecosystems. It is
   > understandable that representatives
   > of this industry's international marketing organization would focus on
   > promoting and growing successful
   > consumer-oriented businesses. But part of their mandate is to represent
   > all
   > of their constituent groups and
   > that includes a growing number of divers and diving-related businesses
   > who
   > value and prioritize conservation and
   > sustainability. DEMA's mission statement is quite clear in describing
   > it's
   > central objective:To promote sustainable
   > growth in safe recreational diving and snorkeling while protecting the
   > underwater environment. We don't want
   > equipment manufacturers, resorts and dive shops to be concerned about
   > "looking green". We want them to explore
   > new ways of ensuring sustainable growth for both their business models
   > and
   > the marine ecosystems on which
   > their enterprises depend. These goals are not mutually exclusive and
   > many
   > believe they deserve more equitable
   > and balanced consideration. I would go as far as to suggest that of
   > DEMA's
   > five main goals the one that claims
   > it is among their objectives "to conserve and protect natural aquatic
   > resources" has been consigned to a position
   > of relative obscurity. I would further assert that until we become more
   > conscientious stewards of the blue by restoring
   > the ocean's rightful position at the table, it will be with considerable
   > irony that the desirable and appropriate
   > aspirations relating to business success will prove increasingly
   > difficult
   > for members of our industry to attain.
   > Warm regards,
   > Steve
   > No Coral, No Ecosystem, No Dive Industry
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   > >
   > >I am a little surprise that this anti DEMA thread has lasted this long.
   > >Does not DEMA represent the diving equipment manufacturers? Is selling
   > >more equipment in their best interests? Is it not likely that this bill
   > >everyone is citing might lead to closing more areas to diving? And,
   > >might this action lead to less equipment sales? I suspect most of you
   > >have heard that part of the reef problem (other than the usual
   > suspects)
   > >is divers 1) touching coral, 2) divers urinating, 3) sunscreen causing
   > >bleaching, 4) divers turning over corals in search of lobster etc. etc.
   > >Those could be cited as reasons to close diving in certain areas. One
   > >can envision the leaders of these companies sitting around pondering
   > how
   > >to look green and at the same time keep selling the latest model
   > >regulators etc. Just be careful about what you wish for. You just might
   > >eventually be hearing something like, "If you like your old dive
   > >equipment you can keep it." Gene
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   1. http://oceanpolicy.com/members/
   2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22LmYostJJ4
   3. http://oceanpolicy.com/2010/08/31/obama-administrations-nine-priority-objectives-for-the-national-ocean-policy/

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