[Coral-List] 3rd Asia-Pacific Coral Reef Symposium, 2014 - Call for Abstracts for Mini-Symposium 16

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Wed Oct 23 09:26:37 EDT 2013

Dear Listers
You might already have seen the information about the 3rd Asia-Pacific Coral Reef Symposium to be held in Taiwan in 2014 posted by Dr. Allen Chen.
This symposium will have 19 mini-symposiums. I take this opportunity to invite, those who are interested, to register for the conference and submit abstracts to mini-Symposium 16 - "Phenomics of coral-holobiont interactions with perturbed environments”

Phenomics deals with the measurements of change in phenomes, which necessarily are the physical and biochemical traits of organisms, in response to environmental influences. This mini-symposium would facilitate to bring researchers who are looking at the cellular processes (both at physiological and molecular level) to decipher the response of coral and symbionts, both in symbiosis as well as individually, as they are exposed to environmental perturbations either in natural conditions or through laboratory based aquarium tank experiments. In recent years, there has been increased use of high-throughput measurement systems (genomics, transcriptomics, gene expression) to understand physiological changes in corals.. Hence, it will be important to give a stage to researchers working in the Pacific region to present their recent works related to phenomics in corals facing global ocean change to understand how corals will and can cope with the ever increasing uncertainty for their continued survival. 

Please see website for details on how to register and submit the abstracts for the mini-symposium (http://www.apcrs2014.com/Program/Mini-Symposia.html )

Looking forward to meet you all in Taiwan in 2014

Shashank Keshavmurthy, Postdoctoral Researcher, Academia Sinica, Taiwan

Chia-Min Hsu, Academia Sinica and National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Tsz Yan Ng, Chinese University of Hong Kong

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