[Coral-List] correction to link to Budd et al. Mussidae paper

Judith Lang jlang at riposi.net
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Hi Dawn,
My apologies; that was the former link. This link will give you the Budd et al. (2012) Mussidae paper.
> www.agrra.org/Mussidae.pdf


On Sep 10, 2013, at 1:11 PM, Dawn Phillip <Dawn.Phillip at sta.uwi.edu> wrote:

> HI
> The link to the paper is broken. All you see is an error message "File not found"
> Dawn
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> Hi Dennis,
> Orbicella is a "middle-aged" Dana species. Nancy Budd and colleagues published an extensive revision of the Mussidae and former family Faviidae in 2012 on the basis of both molecular and morphological data.
> Here's the reference:
> Budd, A.F., H. Fukami, N.D. Smith and N. Knowlton. 2012. Taxonomic classification of the reef coral family Mussidae (Cnidaria: Anthozoa: Scleractinia). Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 166: 465-529.
> Anyone wanting to see all the changes can download the paper at http://

> These changes were incorporated into the spring 2013 version of the AGRRA Coral ID slides, and the Coral Flash slides, which can be downloaded at http://www.agrra.org/method/trainingid.html
> Enjoy,
> Judy (Lang)
> Scientific Coordinator, AGRRA Project
> On Sep 10, 2013, at 12:07 PM, Dennis Hubbard <dennis.hubbard at oberlin.edu> wrote:
>> This is the first I've heard of the latest species shuffle. Is  *Montastraea
>> faveolata* now formally *Orbicella faveolata*? Perhaps I missed the genus
>> Orbicella; is this a new genus, and what is the basis for this change
>> (other than the obvious "it's genetics"?).
>> Dennis

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