[Coral-List] Thoughts on Spearfishing on Scuba

Steve Lindfield steve.lindfield at gmail.com
Tue Apr 29 00:09:34 EDT 2014

Dear Eric, I would like to direct you to a couple reports that talk about
spearfishing on SCUBA. For a recent paper based in the southern Mariana
Islands see here:
There is also plenty of information about the impacts of spearfishing and
the use of SCUBA mentioned in the assessment of spearfishing in the Pacific
Islands by Gillet and Moy 2006.
Both reports are freely available online. If you would like further
information please feel welcome to email me - steve.lindfield at gmail.com

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Steve Lindfield

PhD Candidate Marine Science, The UWA Oceans Institute and School of Plant


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> I write the Ask an Expert column for Scuba Diving magazine and I am
looking to quote one or two people who are opposed to spearfishing on
scuba. I would like to hear from anyone with a fact-based opinion.
> Thank you.
> Eric

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