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Grottoli, Andrea grottoli.1 at osu.edu
Fri Dec 5 13:33:10 EST 2014

Call for Nominations for the International Society for Reef  Studies' New Awards and Honors

As you may remember (if you read all of the latest issue of Reef Encounter!), the Council of the Society has recently established an expanded system of awards and honors as a means of acknowledging exceptional achievement or commitment by a larger proportion of its members. The new award system has been designed to be comparable to the recognition systems of other similar scientific societies (e.g. Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography, American Geological Society, Geochemical Society, British Ecological Society, etc.), and was stimulated in part by the increasing difficulty of selecting a single recipient for the award of the society's premier honor, the Darwin Medal, awarded only once every four years.

I am writing to remind you that the society is now calling for nominations for the 2015 round of awards and honors, the deadline for the receipt of nominations being 31st December 2014.  Please consider whether you should offer to nominate any colleague or other member, noting that self-nomination is also permitted.

The five new awards for which members may now be nominated are:

  1.  Up to two Eminence in Research Awards – awarded to established scientists in recognition of an outstanding body of research over an extended period of time.  (The award is seen as being second in standing to the Darwin medal.)
  2.  ISRS Fellows – the status of ISRS Fellow may be awarded to up to 15% of full members in recognition of scientific achievement and / or service to reef conservation or management and / or service to ISRS over a significant period of time.  On this occasion up to 20 fellows, in addition to the recipients of the other awards, may be elected as Fellows.
  3.  One ISRS Mid-Career Scientist Award – awarded in recognition of excellence in research during the preceding approximately 10 years by a mid-career scientist.
  4.  One ISRS World Reef Award – awarded in recognition of scientific or conservation achievement by an individual who is a member of a group under-represented in the field of reef science or management.
  5.  One ISRS Young Scientist Award – awarded to a scientist under the age of 35, in recognition of a publication or series of publications.

Details of all the above awards, including how to nominate another member (or yourself) are available on the relevant pages of the society’s website (www.coralreefs.org<http://www.coralreefs.org>). Successful candidates should be selected and announced by the end of February.  Completed nomination packages should be send as a single .pdf document to ISRS Council Member Andrea Grottoli (grottoli.1 at osu.edu).

with best wishes,

Rupert Ormond
Corresponding Secretary, ISRS
Hon. Prof. Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh
Research Prof. King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah

Andrea G Grottoli, PhD
Head of the Division of Water, Climate, and the Environment
The Ohio State University
College of Arts and Sciences  School of Earth Sciences
329 Mendenhall Laboratory, 125 South Oval Mall, Columbus, OH 43210
614-292-5782 Office / 215-990-9736 Mobile / 614-292-7688 Fax
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