[Coral-List] The Majuro airport development coral mining

Steve Mussman sealab at earthlink.net
Fri Mar 21 09:50:28 EDT 2014

   It has been brought to my attention that I improperly referred to Dr. Jordan
   West as a him when in fact Jordan is a her.

   Object pronouns and writing in general have never been my strong suit. Sorry
   for the confusion. I hope Dr. West understands that I meant no disrespect by
   inadvertently degrading her gender. I also did not want to suggest that she
   should be held responsible for insults to the reef. She is reputed to be
   very pro-conservation. I wrote her just to find out more about the EPA's
   oversight process and how it worked in conjunction with this particular FAA
   project. Her  insights  might be helpful in attempts to affect similar
   projects in the future.


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