[Coral-List] Further comment on management of coral reefs

Peter Sale sale at uwindsor.ca
Fri Nov 7 21:02:25 EST 2014

I have a short 'comment' article in Environmental Conservation just 
published on line that amplifies some of my recent comments on more 
effective management of reefs and tropical coasts.  Its behind a firewall, 
but if you have access it is at 

The various points made in it are not novel, but maybe I've put them 
together in a different way, and in any event, such commentary needs 
occasional repetition.  One comment that may cause some irritation (I'm 
putting on my flak jacket as I write) appears in the final paragraph:

"At present, while there are many dedicated front-line workers doing their 
best with limited funds or support on a task they really believe in, there 
are too many more senior members of the international multinational and 
NGO community comfortably going to conferences, talking to colleagues, 
setting up projects, getting them funded, and implementing them in 
well-worn ways that are almost guaranteed to fail".

Peter Sale

sale at uwindsor.ca                 @PeterSale3
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