[Coral-List] Round-table discussion about Soil & Water Resources Conservation

Hawaii Conservation Alliance Foundation coordinator at hawaiiconservation.org
Mon Nov 24 13:32:58 EST 2014

**You're invited! Farmers, ranchers, foresters, and anyone

interested in climate change.**

**WHO:** Farmers, ranchers, foresters, and anyone interested in climate change.

**WHAT:** Round-table discussion about Soil & Water Resources Conservation Act (RCA).

**WHEN:** Thursday, December 11, 2014, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

**WHERE:** North Conference Room of The Kunia Village & Agri-Business Complex located at 92-1780 Kunia Road, Kunia, HI. (See driving directions at the bottom.)

Free to attend and lunch will be provided by the Farm Foundation.

**WHY:** Established by law in 1977, the RCA requires USDA to gather public input on natural resources conservation policy issues. The goal is to safeguard the nation’s natural resources to meet current and future agricultural needs, improve delivery of conservation services to landowners and communities, and expand participation in conservation programs.

**HOW:** View [**REGISTRATION INFORMATION**](https://secure.farmfoundation.org/np/clients/farmfoundation/eventRegistration.jsp?event=369&)

Discussion in each roundtable session will address three core topics:

Water resource management

Soil health

Resilience of soil/water resources to climate change & extreme weather events

Directions to Kunia Village & Agri-Business Complex NORTH Conference Room

Driving west on H-1, you'll pass the Waikele off-ramp on your right.  Take the next exit, 5B H1-750 Kunia North.

The exit puts you onto Kunia Road heading north; move to your left.

After driving approximately 5 to 6 miles through mainly open fields, the speed limit reduces to 35 mph (you will already have passed a golf course on your right).

Next you will see a flashing overhead yellow light and a sign on the left that says “Kunia Village & Agri-Business Complex SOUTH.”  Keep driving past this intersection.

Proceed past a yellow gate entrance on your left and, at the end of the tree line on your left, there will be another sign saying “Kunia Village & Agri-Business Complex NORTH.”  Turn left at this road and pass through the gate straight ahead and then turn left again.

The conference room is set back and to the left of the large warehouse as you enter this property.  Park anywhere; parking area is obvious.  The address is 92-1780 Kunia Road, but there are no visible address signs to go by.  If you get to a traffic light, you have gone too far.  You will be at a military installation.

Please call 621-1350 or 621-1351 if you get lost.

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