[Coral-List] Global Change Impacts on Coral Reef Seaweeds: ICRS 2016 Call for Abstracts

Maggie Johnson mdj006 at ucsd.edu
Wed Dec 23 15:35:40 EST 2015

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to invite abstract submissions for presentations in session
23: *Global Change impacts on Coral Reef Seaweeds*, of the 2016
International Coral Reef Symposium.

The balance between corals and seaweeds is key to maintaining the health,
structure and function of coral reef ecosystems. Global change processes,
including warming, ocean acidification, declining water quality and
overfishing, have direct impacts on the growth and function of seaweeds.
Understanding how these environmental stressors interact and either
facilitate or impede reef seaweeds, or alter the ecological interactions
with reef-building corals, is critical for managing and sustaining healthy
reefs now and in the near-future. Research on the response of seaweeds to
global change has grown considerably over the last decade. The last ICRS
session dedicated to reef seaweeds was 15 years ago (in Bali), and as such
merits a focal session of its own.

In this session, we seek coral reef researchers across the globe that have
expertise on the biology, physiology and ecology of coral reef seaweeds.
The specific focus will be on global change topics including warming,
acidification, eutrophication, herbivore loss and stressors affecting the
form and function of coral reef seaweeds and their positive and negative
biotic interactions. We hope to unite researchers from diverse disciplines
including ‘omics, ecophysiology, biogeochemistry, phylogeny, climate change
and ecology.
Abstracts are due by midnight, Central Standard Time USA / 06:00 Greenwich
Mean Time (GMT), *January 15, 2016*.

Thank you, and we look forward to your submission!

*Maggie Johnson*, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
mdjohnson at ucsd.edu
<mdjohnson at ucsd.edu?cc=g.diaz-pulido at griffith.edu.au,maggy.nugues at criobe.pf,steneck at maine.edu>

*Guillermo Diaz-Pulido*, Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence
for Coral Reef Studies, Griffith University
g.diaz-pulido at griffith.edu.au
<g.diaz-pulido at griffith.edu.au?cc=mdjohnson at ucsd.edu,maggy.nugues at criobe.pf,steneck at maine.edu>

*Maggy Nugues*, CRIOBE
maggy.nugues at criobe.pf
<maggy.nugues at criobe.pf?cc=mdjohnson at ucsd.edu,g.diaz-pulido at griffith.edu.au,steneck at maine.edu>

*Robert Steneck*, University of Maine
steneck at maine.edu
<steneck at maine.edu?cc=mdjohnson at ucsd.edu,g.diaz-pulido at griffith.edu.au,maggy.nugues at criobe.pf>

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