[Coral-List] THE CORAL FINDER TOOLKIT 2.0 - upgraded coral ID training resources

Russell Kelley russellkelley at mac.com
Mon Jan 26 20:13:24 EST 2015

Dear Listerers

The Coral Identification Capacity Building Program is pleased to announce the release of our revised coral identification training resources - Coral Finder Toolkit 2.0 

Coral Finder Toolkit 2.0 is a proven suite of practical tools for learning coral identification in the Indo Pacific comprised of the Coral Finder, the Coral Hub website and the Coral Finder Toolkit disc. Of particular interest to reef people are the NEW revised and updated FREE training movies in English AND NOW  Bahasa Indonesia! The new movies have many improvements gleaned from our experience of training over 400 people in coral identification and are authored in high definition to provide superior visual detail when viewing via file or high bandwidth stream. 

CFT 2.0 coral ID training movies in English <http://www.coralhub.info/learn/coral-finder-toolkit-2-training-movies-english/>  http://www.coralhub.info/learn/coral-finder-toolkit-2-training-movies-english/

CFT 2.0 coral ID training movies in Bahasa Indonesia <http://www.coralhub.info/learn/coral-finder-toolkit-2-training-movies-bahasa-indonesia/>  http://www.coralhub.info/learn/coral-finder-toolkit-2-training-movies-bahasa-indonesia/

The Coral Finder  www.byoguides.com <http://www.byoguides.com/>  empowers students, divers, naturalists and researchers to ID corals to genus where it really matters…. underwater.  It’s Visual Navigation system overcomes the problem of growth form variation and provides a powerful cross reference back to Corals of the World for post dive follow up to species level.

The Coral Finder is supported by the Coral Hub website - a resource with a graded learning pathway for self-paced learning for beginner through intermediate to advanced level knowledge.

The Coral Hub website includes:
	• a free complete video training course (Training Movies: available in English and in Bahasa Indonesian, and Revision Movies) aimed at bringing beginners through to intermediate level coral identification anywhere in the Indo Pacific 
	• free downloadable self revision tools for people wishing to refresh their coral identification skills  http://www.coralhub.info/learn/self-testing-resources/ 
	• a jargon busting terminology tool (the Termigator) to simplify basic coral taxonomy  http://www.coralhub.info/terms/
	• links to deeper knowledge.

In summary the Coral Finder Toolkit:
	• empowers motivated individuals to teach yourself coral identification (or learn via a workshop with over 400 people trained to date)
	• contains accurate, plain language visual training resources
	• synthesises the basics of coral identification in a practical, engaging and visually rich way
	• is a “real world to theory” translator with a proven high (~80%) transfer of skills to the workplace
The CICBP also offers a variety of workshop options:
coral identification workshop
species identification workshop
trainers workshop

Anyone interested please contact me directly.

Finally, to anyone interested in coral ID who also runs a website - please consider linking to the Coral Hub - www.coralhub.info <http://www.coralhub.info/> - to help spread the word about these free resources.

Kind regards


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