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Good Day Laurie,

I hope your discussions cover more than just the diver in the water issues.  Support infrastructure, e.g. roads, hotels, airports, potable and waste water management, solid waste management, and restaurants, are all a part of the impact of the dive industry.  To be meaningful the discussions and awareness must cover the theory of "maximum holding capacity" as in how much tourist activity can a small island support before it exceeds holding capacity?

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Hi Coral Listers,

There have been vibrant discussions on this List about the state of the dive industry and its impact on coral reefs. We are going to address this issue with the dive community with our 2nd Blue Ocean Business Summit. The dive industry is notorious for leaving out stakeholders (like scientists and ngo's) in its business discussions, but we don't do that with this event. This post is a personal invitation for you to join us.

Dr. Peter Sale, Dr. Richard Murphy, Ken Nedimyer, Holly Lohuis, Chloe Harvey and Julian Hyde are Coral Listers who are speaking at this upcoming Summit.(Our Coral List Alumni from last year include Dr. Carl Safina, Dr.Wallace J Nichols, Dr. Douglas Fenner, Dr. Alex Brylske and Steve Mussman).

BOBS 2015 kicks off on World Oceans Day June 8. We have 34 speakers from 13 countries speaking over the course of 8 days.This summit is FREE and ONLINE but you have to register to attend. Each day we will air 4 interviews with high-profile and below-the-radar industry people who are doing something about sea change. Dr. Sylvia Earle, Jean-Michel Cousteau and Stan Waterman are featured speakers.

Each day, those who have registered for the Summit will gain access to the video interviews for that day. Participants will continue to have access to the recordings of each interview aired on previous days. Interviews will be available for the duration of the summit (and maybe some bonus days to help you catch up!)

Here is the Link to Free Registration: http://bit.ly/1Q768xN

If you have any questions, email BlueOceanBusinessSummit at gmail.com Please join us!

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