[Coral-List] Corals and mangroves...

Elizabeth Silleck elizabeth.silleck at gmail.com
Thu Jun 18 07:12:16 EDT 2015

Hello, Coral-Listers!

I wonder if any of you can point me in the direction of articles, projects,
initiatives, or people involved in mangrove conservation and/or restoration
specifically for the purpose of supporting suitable habitat for coral reef
ecosystems? I came across the article below, which is directly on point,
but am equally interested in mangrove projects that are designed to
ameliorate the effects of land-based pollution, provide nursery habitat,
etc as "indirect" support to coral reefs. Particularly interested in
U.S.-based initiatives...


Thank you in advance, and *feel free to email me individually at
Elizabeth.Silleck at gmail.com <Elizabeth.Silleck at gmail.com> if you do not
want to reply to the entire list. *

Elizabeth Silleck
(914) 391-4250


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