[Coral-List] New blog post: does Shark Week portrayal of sharks matter?

David Shiffman david.shiffman at gmail.com
Mon Jun 29 01:14:27 EDT 2015

Hello, everyone! Shark Week, the Discovery Channel's long-running week of
shark-themed documentaries, begins on July 5th. Many marine scientists and
conservationists, including myself, have been critical of the fearmongering
tone and pseudoscientific content in recent years.

In a new blog post, I've summarized the evidence from (and interviewed the
authors of) 3 recent scientific papers showing that media coverage of
sharks, including Shark Week documentaries, is a significant factor
influencing public support for their conservation.

If you get a chance, please consider reading the blog post and sharing it,
and please let me know what you think (please either comment on the post
itself or reply to me directly rather than "reply all").

Thanks, all!

The post can be found here:



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