[Coral-List] Opening for a Contractor as the Puerto Rico DNER Coral Program Coordinator

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Wed Mar 25 14:47:15 EDT 2015

Opening for a Contractor as the DNER Coral Program Coordinator
Fluency in Spanish and English written and oral language required

The Puerto Rico Department of Natural and Environmental Resources (DNER) is
seeking a full time, grant funded Coral Program Coordinator (CPC). The
CPC’s responsibilities include strengthening and coordinating PR's Coral
Reef Management Program with the Point of Contact (POC) for NOAA’s Coral
Reef Conservation Program (CRCP) located at the Bureau of Coasts, Reserves
and Refuges. The CPC position provides for a cohesive approach to coral
reef management and science in Puerto Rico through assisting in the
development and continued management of the territory’s coral reef

The Program Coordinator will be responsible for:
1. Preparing and managing applications for federal coral reef conservation
funding that are consonant with NOAA and Puerto Rico goals, objectives and
priorities, the Puerto Rico Local Action Strategies (LAS), Law 147 for the
Conservation, Protection and Management of Coral Reefs and the future Coral
Reefs Regulations;
2. Fostering intra- and interagency coordination and stakeholder
collaboration for the development and implementation of coral reef
conservation and initiatives;
3. Evaluating internal project proposals related to the management,
conservation and protection of Puerto Rico’s coral reefs and recommending
projects for the application for federal funds;
4. Providing management and scientific advice in the formulation of coral
reef and associated coastal ecosystem management projects;
5. Providing support for NOAA’s POC in coral reef related matters;
6. Serving as Alternate POC at the US Coral Reef Task Force and at the All
Island Committee.

Specific Tasks:
1. Support the development, coordination and implementation of management
and monitoring actions for the jurisdiction;
2. Development, preparation and timely submission of grant applications,
progress reports, post award actions, final grant comprehensive reports,
and other documents associated with the federal grants through the NOAA
Grants Online web based application and in www.grants.gov, as needed;
3. Oversee and monitor progress, performance and completion of the NOAA
funded Coral Reef Monitoring Program and all other funded coral
conservation projects;
4. Become knowledgeable about the content of the documents that guide coral
reef conservation in Puerto Rico, such as: NOAA Coral Reef Conservation
Program Goals and Objectives, the Puerto Rico Coral Reef Management
Priorities, An Analysis of Issues Affecting the Management of Coral Reefs
and the Associated Capacity Building Needs in Puerto Rico, and the Puerto
Rico Local Action Strategies, among others;
5. Knowledgeable and compliant with federal grant administrative
requirements including 2 CFR 200 Part 200- Uniform Administrative
Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards;
the Federal Funding Opportunity for Territorial Coral Reef Conservation
Cooperative Agreements and any other federal requirement to the coral reef
6. Gather, evaluate and submit final publishable products of each distinct
project; request revisions from sub-grantees if necessary;
7. Contact, coordinate meetings and work plans, and set agendas for the
DNER Coral Reef Committee, the Interagency Coral Reef Committee, and all
other appropriate DNER personnel and external partners; applies to
in-person meetings and conference calls; take minutes and distribute to
8. Provide management and scientific advice in the formulation of coral
reef and associated coastal ecosystem management projects;
9. Coordinate and evaluate coral reef research permits and permitting
processes related to coral reefs;
10. Assist and participate in activities associated with the Local Action
Strategies (LAS);
11. Assist in the development and implementation of the Coral Reef
Management Fellowship Program, including developing the fellow’s Statement
of Work, assist in the selection process, provide oversight and support to
the Coral Fellow, and monitor their progress;
12. Collaborate with external partners involved in Puerto Rico’s coral reef
conservation efforts and foster new external partner relationships; provide
them with information on how to apply for federal coral reef conservation
13. Participating in workshops related to coral reef conservation issues;
some local and off-island travel required for meetings or trainings;
14. Coordinate and collaborate with the NOAA CRCP Coral Management Liaison
on coral reef conservation initiatives.

1. Minimum bachelor’s degree in a natural science, or natural resource
management or policy field;
2. At least two (2) years of experience working in the area of natural
resource initiatives at the local or territorial/federal government level,
including interaction with local communities.
3. Fluency in Spanish and English written and oral language;
4. Knowledge of federal grants management;
5. Knowledge of Puerto Rico’s Coral Reef Initiative, local action
strategies and associated coral reef projects, and awareness of ongoing
conservation efforts.
6. Knowledge of Puerto Rico’s communities and natural resources.

Compensation: $4,100 / month
If you are interested, please send your resume to ddelgado at drna.gobierno.pr,
to the attention of Damaris Delgado. For more information, you may call
787-999-2200, extension 2240.

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