[Coral-List] #GlobalBehaviourChange / #GlobalBehaviorChange

Fundación ICRI Colombia en Pro de los Arrecifes Coralinos icri.colombia at gmail.com
Wed Nov 4 14:07:52 EST 2015

The Foundation ICRI Colombia is starting the International Celebration
of the #MonthOfTheReef #MesDelArrecife 2015. Since the 5th of November
till the 5th of December (Colombian National Day of the Reef) and we
welcome your participation by either:

1) Posting your best coral reef conservation messages with your coral
reef photos or videos
2) By spreading the word to other colleagues, divers and fishers who
want to share their photos and videos of coral reefs with a message
for Better Conservation.

The participants should mention in their Facebook / twitter posts at
least two of the following  Hashtags  #MonthOfTheReef #MesDelArrecife
#GlobalBehaviourChange #GlobalBehaviorChange For Better Coral Reef

This is a contest organized within the framework of the International
operation of RENOVO (Reef Network of Volunteer Observers) as one of
the initiatives of the Foundation ICRI Colombia to allow citizens
participation in monitoring coral reefs to provide evidence of
conservation effectiveness or coral reef deterioration also to inform
early alerts for adaptive management.

The award is a Golden Seahorse that will go to the most voted message
with photo or video.

All the best,

Nohora Galvis
Foundation ICRI Colombia in Pro of Coral Reefs

Follow us at:
https://twitter.com/ArrecifesCoral (Español)
https://twitter.com/ICRIcolombia (Inglés)

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