[Coral-List] New paper on conservation planning accounting for warming disturbances

Rafael Magris rafael.magris at my.jcu.edu.au
Thu Nov 5 06:00:14 EST 2015

Dear all,

I would like to draw your attention to a paper just published in PLoS ONE
dealing with conservation planning and warming disturbances for coral

The paper is fully available on PLoS ONE website:


or through my research gate profile:


Key advances for the study included:

1) setting explicit conservation objectives for reefs in different
temperature regimes that require a range of management options (marine
reserve types);

2) combining retrospective with prospective time-series information on
sea-surface temperature to delineate thermal-stress regimes; and

3) demonstrating a spatial prioritization that is framed by long-term
conservation objectives for situations in which temporally-static reserves
are more feasible than dynamic ones due to ease of implementation.

Apologies for any cross-posting.



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