[Coral-List] coral-list outage

Mike Jankulak mike.jankulak at noaa.gov
Fri Apr 1 12:20:18 EDT 2016

We at Coral-List just became aware that our mailserver has been refusing
incoming email for roughly the last 24 hours. The problem is now fully
resolved and some mail that was previously blocked is now trickling in,
but some mail may have been lost/discarded, and some attempts to contact
us may have generated bounce/error messages.

My apologies for the outage, which was caused by a change in settings
intended to cut down on the amount of spam reaching the moderators and
system admins.

If you have submitted any posts to Coral-List in the past day that you
do not see in our online archives, or if you have attempted to contact
the moderators at the coral-list-owner at coral.aoml.noaa.gov email address
and you have not received any reply, please re-send your message. Our
online archives are, as always, may be found here:


If you have any specific questions or concerns related to this outage or
any other matter, please feel free to contact the moderation team at the
coral-list-owner address listed above.

Mike J+, coral-list mod team

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