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Mon Dec 19 09:12:09 EST 2016

Dear Coral-Listers,

A note to inform the Reef Community that the International Society for 
Reef Studies (ISRS) has now published on-line the Proceedings of the 
13th International Coral Reef Symposium (ICRS13), that was held in 
Honolulu, Hawaii from 19th - 24th June, earlier this year (2016).
The Proceedings, which are entitled "Bridging Science to Policy" and run 
to 622 pages, are edited by Chuck Birkeland, Steve Coles and Narrisssa 
Spies, and contain all the referee-approved papers submitted for 
inclusion following the end of the Symposium.
All the papers may be downloaded individually as pdf. files and without 
charge (to those who attended ICRS13, as well as those who did not) from 
the relevant page of the ISRS website: 

The plenary presentations are not included in the Proceedings but were 
recorded in video format and may be viewed on the ISRS Group Vimeo Site 
at: https://vimeo.com/ groups/342636 <https://vimeo.com/%20groups/342636>

The full book of abstracts may be downloaded from the ISRS Membership 
Services Conference page at: 

These downloads are available to non-members as well as members, but we 
urge non-members, as a seasonal treat to themselves, to consider 
joining, and help us pass the 2000 membership mark that we are fast 
approaching! Membership dues are not expensive and you can join via our 
membership page at: 

Prof. Rupert Ormond, ISRS Corresponding Secretary.

(Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland)

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