[Coral-List] Attachments

Mike Jankulak mike.jankulak at noaa.gov
Thu Jun 16 14:14:52 EDT 2016


We would like to call the attention of our Coral-List subscribers to the
following excerpt from the Coral-List Info page:

No Binary Attachments.

At present, Coral-List is an entirely plain-text medium. Posts with
attachments, such as images, PDF documents, or even small logos included
in an email footers, will usually be rejected by our software and the
author will be asked by the moderators to re-submit their message
without attachments. This is partly to make it easier to keep our
mailings malware- and virus-free, and partly to reduce the burden on our
subscribers' email quotas. Note, too, that most fancy formatting (fonts,
sizes, styles, bullets, tables, etc.) is auto-converted to plain text
before posting.

The complete Coral-List Info page can be found here:


Your Admin Team,
   Jim Hendee
   Mike Jankulak
   Lew Gramer

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