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Dear Doug & Dennis, 
     Perhaps one might recall Prof. Iglesia-Prieto's plenary at 2008 ICRS.  The photobiologist used to demonstrate the effect of the stony coral's corallite skeleton as a light trap for the benefit of zooxanthellae, by shining a laser pointer into it.  It's a dramatic demonstration, and I photographed my Euphyllia ancora skeleton with and without red laser pointer to use in coral talks. 
Keven C. Reed in Florida  

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Thanks Doug. This was another interesting talk in the AGU session I 
mentioned earlier. The authors likened the situation to a tree canopy and 
had some pretty interesting instrumentation to measure this. Somewhere I 
read that the coral skeleton can also act as a sort of "fiber-optic" system 
to distribute light. Is my brain just making this up or does someone know 
something about this? 



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> Coral tissue scatters light. 
> http://www.sciencemag.org/news/2016/03/coral-reefs-scatter-light-forests 
> No original technical article. 
> Cheers,  Doug 
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